Blow up crates, enemies or even yourself by placing bombs, mines and who knows what else! Blowing up yourself might not be the best idea, though... This is the world of Exploders! Everybody can learn how to play Exploders, but becoming a real Exploder will take some practice. You can grab power-ups to make yourself stronger, but watch out: not every power-up has a positive effect! Play for fun or prove that you are the best Exploder by beating everyone and take first position on the leaderboard!


30th of August 2013

The Exploders beta is live! You can now add friends, chat with other people in a chat room and even chat with them in a game. You can also have a private chat with your friends. There are still some minor issues we need to fix, so please be patient while we try to create the best Exploders experience for you!

21st of August 2013

Only a few more days to go until the Exploders beta will be released. For this beta all accounts will have a one time only reset, so please make sure to register your username on the 29th of August before it's taken! This beta will have friend functionalities, in-game chat and many more exciting features.

31st may 2013

Public Exploders alpha version officially released. Today the public Exploders alpha version is released on Inside the alpha version you will find some new elements that have not yet been released. When you hover on these elements, they will display 'Coming soon'. New features will be uploaded regularly in the next months.


    There are many features in Exploders that you’ll need to know to truly master the game. In this section you will learn about the main features that Exploders offers. If you want to learn more about Exploders, you can find step-by-step walkthroughs in the media section below.

    Bombs away

    Everybody starts the game with a normal bomb. While the initial blast size isn’t big, it should be big enough to beat your enemies. Power bombs will explode in the same way, but have an endless blast radius. Spike bombs will blow up everything in their paths: nothing will block these explosions.

    The bouncing bombs and dangerous bombs are special in their own way. Bouncing bombs will bounce off everything they hit, including yourself. Dangerous bombs, unlike other bombs, don’t blow up in a straight line. Instead, they blow up everything within a 5 by 5 squared area.

    Get powered up

    During each round, your character can become stronger by picking up power-ups. These power-ups are green and enable you to walk faster, enlarge explosions and drop more bombs at a time. But watch out, not every item you pick up strengthens your skills: power-downs are blue and weaken your character so be careful what you pick up.

    Kicking around

    Kicking a bomb gives you a lot of power, but you can only do this after you picked up the bomb kick power-up. With this bomb you can kick every bomb that you encounter, both stationary and moving bombs. All the bombs can be kicked.

    Be the bomb

    Always liked to play hide and seek? Confuse your opponent for a moment by turning into a bomb. After you picked up the bomb change, you can activate and deactivate it by using the shift key.


    Skull pick-ups have a surprising effect that can be either positive or negative. This mysterious pick-up contains a random disease that can affect your speed or bombs blast. It can also add other temporary effects. Don’t worry though, diseases last a certain time and if you want to get rid of them sooner, you just need to touch an opponent and he will catch your disease!

    More to come

    We are far from finished. More and more features will be released as we go along. When we release a new feature, you can read about it in ‘News’, get the full specs in ‘Updates’ or follow the walkthrough in media.


    Are you an Exploders fan? Then this is the page for you!

    Video's exploders


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        We can help you and answer your questions!

        • 1. I previously played the old Exploders on a different website. Can I use the account that I created there? Yes you can. If you start Exploders on the website where you previously played, your account will automatically be converted to an Exploders account.
        • 2. What happens if my old Exploders username is already taken in Exploders? If your username is already taken in Exploders, you will be asked to choose a new username when you log in to the game.
        • 3. What happens with the skillpoints I acquired in the old Exploders? When your account is converted, all skillpoints will be added to your new account.
        • 4. What should I do when I experience problems in Exploders? Should you have any problem, please contact the Exploders Customer Service team and let us know what the problem is. You can do so by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.
        • 5. Can I play Exploders in my own language? Exploders is currently available in 6 languages; English, Russian, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Turkish. You can change your preferred language at any time in the lobby menu.
        • 6. Do I have to install any software and/or plug-ins to play Exploders? To play Exploders you need to have the flash player plug-in installed in your browser. More than 90% of all the computers in the world already have the flash player installed and your computer is probably one of them.
        • 7. Are there any servers located near my living place? At this time, Exploders has servers at the following locations; Miami (USA), São Paulo (Brazil), Ankara (Turkey), Amsterdam (Holland). Depending on your geo location, we will automatically select the server closest to your location to offer you the best experience possible.
        • 8. Am I allowed to select any server I want, regardless of my location? Yes, you can select any server you want in the ‘Rooms’ screen. However, keep in mind that your connection quality may be affected by selecting a server that is not located within your region.
        • 9. Where can I find information about game updates? Inside the game you can read detailed information on newly released features. To read them, please first click on the gear-shaped button on the right side of the screen to open the settings menu. Then click on the help button (question mark). Finally click on the rightmost tab that displays the updates.

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